Tatsumi International、アメリカへの不動産投資事業
The tree, spreading its roots in the all direction to support its trunk and provide moisture and nutriment to the branches and leaves; this is what we call the best form of enterprise. The boughs of the tree reaching out toward in the brilliant rays of the sun and the well-balanced appearance proved against all weathers, are exactly TATSUMI itself and a cooperate entity we pursue.
It has been taking effect liberalization of foreign exchange trade and nowadays no barrier has in the financial world. As it is necessary to take a step for breaking up the risk of capitals and assets from a global angle, Tatsumi International Co., Ltd., a local subsidiary has established in March 29th, 1996 to start investing in realty of the U.S. through for about two years investigation in Tatsumi Group.
Established March 29th, 1996

Tatsumi International Co., Ltd.
600 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 1150
Los Angeles, CA 90017

Tel (213) 629-0255
Fax (213) 629-0253
Established December 23rd, 1996
Address 500 Fifith Avenue, Suite 1245, New York, NY 10110

Las Vegas have been undergone a remarkable metamorphosis from its image of dark gamble city to the greatest Entertainment City in the world where each of the family member could find a fulfillment. Constructing new hotels every year at the central part of the city, developing the housing in its suburbs and inviting a company to set up its business firm around the airport have been undertaking with a raise in population of 5000 to 6000 people in a month.

Established March 14th, 1997
Address 502 East John Street, Carson City

Due to the advantages of temperate climate, low-priced land and high quality work force, nationwide high-tech industry has been moving to Phoenix, the capital city of Arizona. Also as the city increases in its population, the development of residential quarters in the suburbs have been undertaken

Established March 5th, 1997
Address 3636 North Central Avenue
Established June 25th, 2002
Address 1136 Union Mall #301, Honolulu, HI 96813
Chateau Waikiki
Room No Unit 2601, 3107 & 3310
Address 411 Hobron Lane, Honolulu, HI 96815
Good location with beautiful scenery of Waikiki Beach
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